Apple & First Solar’s Landmark Deal: California Flats

This insightful blog post from client First Solar describes the importance of the Apple purchase of the solar power from the California Flats project. It demonstrates “how a large corporation can supply 100% of its operations with renewable energy.” and?”This project alone represents around 13% of the entire C&I capacity installed last year in the U.S.?”. GroundWork is excited to be associated with this important project and what it means for the solar industry.


PGE Leads US as Largest Solar Utility

As a PGE customer and central California-based business, we are thrilled that the utility is leading the way with solar installations. At GroundWork, we believe that utility-scale solar has reduced panel prices and helped make solar affordable for homes and small businesses. Learn more here.

“On average, the company is connecting about 4,000 new solar customers per month across Northern and Central California, more than any other energy company in the nation. Approximately every 11 minutes, PG&E connects a new solar customer to its electric grid.”

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