Energy Infographic from WP


Wow! This is going to look at markedly different next year as GroundWork and its clients bring on 1 GW of solar per month in 2016. Check out these maps from the?Washington Post.

“There are?772?solar-powered electric plants in the U.S. They have generated?1 percent?of the nation?s electricity this year.

Sun power is predominantly in the Southwest where the sun shines the most. Thirty-nine states have no solar generating plants. California gets 8 percent of its electricity from solar and Nevada gets 5 percent, followed by Vermont and Arizona with 4 percent each.”


Progress by China and the US to Limit Emissions

As GroundWork participates in commissioning new utility solar plants EVERY WEEK, the US and Chinese administrations continue to make progress towards mandating the reduction on world-wide emissions. As the New York Times reports, California leads by example…

“Last week, Chinese officials met in Los Angeles with top environmental officials from California, which has enacted an aggressive cap-and-trade program. People who attended the talks said they were meant to pave the way for a possible linkage of the Chinese and California cap-and-trade systems.”


Another Energizing SPI!


As GroundWorkers attend SPI annually to meet directly with our clients and future clients, we also?get energized about the growth of the solar industry and its impact on reducing greenhouse emissions. Vice President Joe Biden encourages us to continue to get the word out: ?I really mean this sincerely, the more Americans who understand the possibilities of solar?just imagine what we can do.? Folks, we are on the cusp of something huge here but a lot of folks don?t realize it.?

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