Mexico’s 2nd Auction Winners Announced

GroundWork is excited about the prospects for utility-scale PV in Mexico. PV Magazine reported on?the winners of?the second power auction.?Solar PV projects accounted for 4.8 of?8.9 terawatt hours?per year awarded at an average price of USD 33.47 per MWh.

We are currently gathering data at five PV project sites throughout Mexico.


Observational MET programs reduce uncertainty

GroundWork's MET Stations for Solar Resource Assessment

Thanks to Clean Power Research for inviting Ann?to guest blog about our MET programs for the solar industry. Our partnership with Clean Power Research is in its 3rd year and stronger than ever because together we?provide industry-leading?ground tuned resource assessments. Using data from our comprehensive observational MET program, which includes high quality equipment and the rigor of the GroundWatch? data quality program, in conjunction with?SolarAnywhere?, we are?able to produce a long-term bankable solar irradiance dataset that reduces risk on solar project finance. Stop by our booth #612 at SPI to discuss!


Go sPower!


GroundWork client sPower and Salt River Project have opened the 45MW sPower Sandstone solar plant in in Florence, Arizona. Read more here. Go sPower!


US Solar Market Sets New Record, Installing 7.3GW of Solar PV in 2015

GTM reports that?US solar market sets new record, installing 7.3GW of solar PV in 2015. The graph illustrates?the massive growth that GroundWork is experiencing. ?A couple of?highlights:

“Geographically, the market continues to diversify with 13 states installing more than 100 megawatts each in 2015.”

“Cumulative U.S. solar PV installations have now topped 25 gigawatts, up from just 2 gigawatts in 2010.”



2015 Was Hottest Year in Historical Record, Scientists Say


This?New York Times article is grim. We can’t build solar plants fast enough. But, we must work together to buck this trend…

“Michael E. Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, calculated that if the global climate were not warming, the odds of setting two back-to-back record years would be remote, about one chance in every 1,500 pairs of years. Given the reality that the planet is warming, the odds become far higher, about one chance in 10, according to Dr. Mann?s calculations.”

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