A quality ground measurement program reduces the uncertainty of the energy production assessment resulting in a measurable return on investment during project financing.

GroundWork installs, maintains and monitors a solar meteorological station (MET) at your project site to produce a revenue-grade observational meteorological dataset. We typically get a station up in 4 weeks and the duration of the campaign is averages one year. GroundWork METs are mobile with minimal impact foundations, remote power and cellular communications to transmit data.

GroundWork tailors the MET and supports programs to your project needs including:
   • Plant technology (Bifacial, monofacial, Single Axis PV, Fixed PV, CPV, etc.)
   • Financing requirements
   • Upfront and ongoing cost of ownership
   • PPA, utility or ISO specifications
   • Site-specific considerations such as soiling and winterization.

The GroundWatch® data quality program is a comprehensive onsite station maintenance, data retrieval and monitoring service that ensures that the irradiance data is of the highest quality maximizing its value during the project financing process. Utility-scale solar developers combine these revenue-grade, observational datasets with satellite data to tune the solar resource assessment. GroundWork can help you through this process by working with your independent engineer or with our partner Clean Power Research.