Engineering, Procurement, Construction?Contractors (EPCs)

Meteorological (MET) stations are a critical component for renewable energy power plant acceptance testing, turnover and monitoring. Having worked with dozens of EPCs, GroundWork specializes in the supply, installation and commissioning of operating plant MET stations that meet utility and ISO requirements (SCE, PGE, CAISO, etc.)

Our EPC solutions meet the unique needs of power plant construction including:
   • Engineering submittals
   • Materials procurement
   • Pre-assembly and testing
   • Programming including Modbus & DNP3 mapping
   • Installation and installation oversight
   • Power and SCADA integration
   • 3rd party commissioning including sensor validations and a Commissioning Package
   • Training of O&M staff and Operations and Maintenance Package
   • Detailed System Design
   • UL 508A Listed power enclosure
   • Functional Testing and Validation of individual components
   • Protective Fencing

GroundWork works with all SCADA providers. We follow construction, wind and solar industry best practices and safety guidelines. We meet deadlines and are proud when the plants energize!