Ann Gaglioti, CEO

Ann is an entrepreneur with a passion for business, economics and technology. Her career spans investment banking, interactive marketing and renewable energy. Ann is on the board of The Offset Project, a Monterey Bay non-profit that offsets local carbon emissions through local initiatives including solar projects and zero-waste programs.

Prior to GroundWork, Ann was an Executive Vice President with iCrossing, an interactive agency. In 2007, Ann was instrumental in the sale of Proxicom to iCrossing. She holds a BA in Economics and International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania.

She is at home in Monterey and enjoys running the local trails, cooking and eating food with friends, and spending time with her friends and family- Dominic, Lucia, and Cosmo the dog.

Darren Prock, COO

Darren is a seasoned business and technology leader with a laser focus on getting “stuff” done (GSD). He has extensive experience in operations management and a continuous focus on superior client service via collaboration, relationship building, and delivery of exceptional work. At GroundWork, Darren provides leadership in the areas of business development; client management; process design and optimization; staff hiring and performance management; operational excellence and quality control; corporate internal controls and compliance; contract and financial management; and vendor oversight.

Prior to joining GroundWork and the renewable energy industry, Darren worked for over twenty years in digital marketing and IT consulting, providing business solutions to Fortune 500 clients. He holds a BS in Computer Science, an MBA, and an MS in Engineering Management from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Darren lives in San Francisco where he enjoys keeping up with his two small kids, listening to great music, watching just about any sporting event, and a good glass of wine.

Steve Knapp, VP of Operational Effectiveness

Steve is a veteran leader focused on optimizing organizational performance to maximize customer value in every GroundWork’s offering. He believes in unifying, enabling, and supporting talented people so there are no limits to success.

Prior to joining GroundWork, Steve was a consultant leading Agile-operations transformations for leading product and services businesses. Steve also spent 20 years in digital marketing building operational excellence to service Fortune 500 companies globally. He holds a BS in management science, an MBA, and a CSM.

Steve loves the outdoors, so being part of the sustainable energy movement is inspiring and motivating. He lives in Utah and enjoys being in the mountains as well as experiencing different cultures and reading business-related books.

Justin Robinson, VP of Technology

Justin is GroundWork’s solar radiation measurement specialist. He strives to leverage international industry standards, best practices, and proven techniques to reduce the uncertainty of GroundWork’s MET offering designs.

Prior to GroundWork, Justin worked as the Program Manager of Data Acquisition & Analysis at Draker Laboratories. Justin began his career in renewables as an application engineer at Campbell Scientific Inc. where he helped form the Renewable Energy Group.

Justin?began measuring solar radiation in 1999 at the NASA-funded Utah State University (USU) Crop Physiology Laboratory, Apogee Instruments, and the USU Hydrology Lab. Justin graduated from USU with a BS in Environmental Soil and Water Science.

Justin is based out of Logan, Utah and enjoys playing in the mountains with his family snowboarding, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

Lord Toliao, VP of Business Development

Lord?is passionate about cultivating customer relationships and developing a deep understanding of their business requirements. He has 16 years of experience in business development and management in the renewable energy and electrical power industries. Lord leverages his project management expertise to deliver world-class customer solutions. His strong technical background and devotion to his customers and vendors create trust and loyalty that translate into strong customer partnerships.

Prior to joining Groundwork, Lord managed business development, project management, and marketing teams that increased sales and market visibility. He was a strategic contributor to establishing the customer care / operations & maintenance department to support and retain existing customers. Lord directed multi-phase, complex solar, wind, hydro, and energy storage projects and led his project management team through many successful implementations.

Lord graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology and Minor in Packaging Engineering. Lord enjoys spending time with his wife and young family outdoors. You can find him relaxing at the beach in the summer and out on the slopes in the winter. He enjoys running the trails in Northern California, coaching his daughters soccer teams, and playing with his son at the park.

Cameron Hunter, VP of Corporate Development

Cameron leads GroundWork’s corporate development efforts and strives to meet the needs of our clients in new and innovative ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. She began working with GroundWork as a Project Manager in 2010, and likes to apply her experience from her previous roles in the company to the cultivation of new clients and services.

Originally from California, Cameron graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies with an MBA and MA in International Policy. She is a board member of Global Majority, an international organization dedicated to nonviolent conflict resolution.

Aside from working with a great team in Sand City, Cameron enjoys spending time with her husband and children, horseback riding, and traveling.

Rylan Brody, Man

Rylan was born in the Spring in the middle of America with vengeance in his heart. Before joining GroundWork as Assistant to the Lead Project Manager, it is said he was an accomplished deep-cover operative who served honorably only to be betrayed by his country. Now Rylan has gone rogue, hunted by his obscure overlords; yet he always manages to stay one step ahead.

Everything we know about Rylan is mostly unverified but bits and pieces can be found locked away deep in confidential folders, though they are 97% redacted at this point. Rylan is two-thirds bilingual and enjoys competitive badminton in his free time. He has also been referred to as the song bird of his generation.

Julie Chard, Director of Data & Analytics

Julie is well-versed in solar-meteorological (MET) system instrumentation and configuration. She closely follows the work coming out of US National Laboratories and regularly participates in specialized conferences in order to stay current on solar industry standards and best practices for achieving the lowest uncertainty data sets.

As an integral member of the knowledgeable and meticulous GroundWatch Data Program team, Julie is keenly focused on ensuring that the industry-leading data sets generated by GroundWork equipment and services meet or exceed the expectations of GroundWork clients and independent engineers.

Julie has an extensive background at the intersection of science and engineering. She holds a BS in Environmental Science and an MS in Plant Science. Prior to joining GroundWork her professional pursuits ranged from bench-scale laboratory research to field-scale implementation of engineered remediation solutions.

Mike Dooraghi, Field Director

Michael Dooraghi works with the commissioning team and is always ready to throw himself at whatever challenge may arise. After completing his bachelors in math and computer science and a Masters in Industrial Technology with a focus on Appropriate Technologies, Mike spent 5 years working in wind resource assessment for GEC-DNV and 7 years in solar resource assessment at NREL. Mike worked on many aspects of the solar and wind monitoring process from installation, commissioning, and data analysis to sensor calibration and installation and maintenances best practices. He has installed many wind and solar resource monitoring stations and has provided training to install, operate and maintain solar monitoring stations and networks in the US, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. When he is not monitoring clean energy resources, Mike likes to spend his time mountain biking, snowboarding, climbing, soaking in hot springs, hiking, cooking, taking photographs and chilling with his sweet wife and pets. Mike is currently preparing to build a house and is happy to accept help if anyone wants to pop by and slam some nails in.

Morgan Rogge, Project Management Director

Morgan is a veteran project manager with GroundWork, who began working with the team as a graduate student and never left. She also leads GroundWork’s strategic and?business development efforts in Mexico and Latin America. Her role at GroundWork feeds her longstanding interests in international business, energy finance and renewable energy policy. As Project Management Director, she particularly enjoys engaging with clients and driving projects from proposal through campaign conclusion.

Morgan has lived and studied in Spain, Central America and South America, and she conducted her graduate research in El Salvador. Morgan holds a BA in Biology from Middlebury College, as well as an MBA and an MA in International Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

A native of California and Colorado, Morgan enjoys biking, camping, and skiing in the great outdoors, or enjoying a good book and a strong cup of coffee.

Renee Salusky, Production Facility Director

Renee manages the production facility in Panorama City. She handles schedules for building and shipping, bills of materials development, RMA and calibrations, and other day to day activities. Renee offers support to the entire company across business development, project management and logistical operations. She?enjoys learning the ins and outs of the solar industry as well as manufacturing best practices.

Renee is at home in Highland Park, CA and enjoys hiking, rock climbing and exploring new food spots between San Diego and San Francisco. Besides being with GroundWork Monday through Friday, you can find her resisting corporate coffee daily with Acme Roasting Company.

David Siskind, Director of Special Projects

David is a results-oriented engineer who enjoys the multidisciplinary challenges of bringing systems from concept to fruition. He strives to learn from every unique job and every team member. David particularly enjoys the mix of technological work, outdoor implementation, and cohesion of the GroundWork team.

Before joining GroundWork and the renewable energy industry, David worked primarily in water and waste-water treatment providing systems and services for power generating utilities, superfund site remediation and reclamation, and industrial water and waste recycling. Originally from Brooklyn, he holds a BS in Engineering from Columbia University.

He enjoys living in Los Angeles, close to his family and friends, fishing the Lower Owens and hiking the Sierra. Life is sweet and energy renewable.

Jeffrey Alvey, Administrative Manager

Jeffrey recently joined the GroundWork team as Administrative Manager. For 25 years he worked in the luxury fashion market based in New York City, working for a variety of brands and styling celebrities.

He was instrumental in bringing the brand ETRO to the US, among other fashion industry successes. Feeling a need for a change of industry and coast, Jeffrey was pleased to find a fit with GroundWork in the Sand City office.

Jeffrey lives in Carmel, where he is close to his family and can enjoy the beaches and mountains right outside his door.

Melanie Ballard, Project Manager

Melanie is a Project Manager for GroundWork. She starting working with the team as Commissioning Coordinator, following the installation of GroundWork MET stations to completion. Melanie developed expertise with MET instrumentation and datalogger programming through her work at the Utah State University and Campbell Scientific soils laboratories. She holds a BS in Plant Science and a MS in Environmental Soil Science.

Melanie lives and works in Utah, and enjoys camping and hiking with her two young sons.

TJ Bingman, Project Manager/ Local Technician Manager

After spending a year in the field as part of the Field Team, TJ joined the management team for GroundWork. TJ manages the Local Technician Program at the various development sites across North America. He works with all aspects and members of the GroundWork team to ensure quality data is delivered to the clients. He also serves as the project manager for Pyranometer Exchange Program projects. TJ is dedicated to the expansion of the renewable energy landscape, and is eager to use his knowledge, passion and drive to move GroundWork forward.

When not working for GroundWork, TJ is developing his family?s new endeavor, a hop farm. He loves experiencing new food and beer, and exploring all that Idaho has to offer.

Chris Charpentier, Wiring Technician

Chris Charpentier is a wiring technician based out of our Production Facility in Panorama City, California.

Before GroundWork, Chris worked as a carpenter building custom energy efficient homes in Los Angeles. Chris still loves woodworking and refurbishes furniture in his free time.

Chris is also a stand up comedian and has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live  entertaining the masses. If he ever gets famous, he will quit this fabulous job.

Vince Collier, Field Technician

Vince brings 40 years of Electronics and Mechanical experience to the Groundwork Field Team. He is a skilled Electronics troubleshooter and has spent most of his career leading Field Teams. Vince holds an Associate’s Degree in Electronics, and he spent over twenty-five years in the copier industry. He was on the ground floor innovating digital communication and one of the first full color technicians in the country. This gave him extensive IT training and many years interfacing directly with the customer.

Vince has trained in the Martial Arts most of his life and holds a Black Belt in three styles. He holds a Master Scuba Diver rating and is passionate about underwater photography. He enjoys travelling with his wife Rexanne who also dives, and they have five grandbabies that keep them busy, and they are their greatest joy.

Eric Edgarian, Technician

Eric is GroundWork’s latest addition to our manufacturing team. He is a skilled electrician and has worked extensively on low voltage and high voltage circuits. It’s been a labor of love and has led to his interest in power generation and renewables. His work at Groundwork definitely sparks joy.

His training and experience have made him a quick study of the Groundwork fabrication culture and he contributes as a utility player to all aspects of the build-fabricate-test efforts in Panorama City.

He’s a family man enjoying his time with his wife and sons, fishing, hunting and exploring all corners of California.

Eric Gamoning, Electrical Engineer

Eric is an electrical engineer with a passion for technology and sustainability. He brings to GroundWork an educational background in power, power distribution, renewable energy, as well as many hours of bench-testing and troubleshooting. 

Eric earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from California State University, Northridge. During his tenure as an undergrad at CSUN, he had opportunities to work on standalone photovoltaic systems that were much like GroundWork’s MET Stations. Prior to joining the GroundWork team, Eric supported and tested fully automated systems in the irrigation and agriculture industries.

Eric lives in Los Angeles with his roommates and pets. He enjoys hanging out with family and friends, playing video games, playing chess and poker, going to the gym, and hiking. He also enjoys frequenting music festivals and listening to bass-heavy electronic dance music.

Abel Garcia, Engineering Product Manager

Abel is a veteran GroundWork team member who helps propel the company’s success and growth. A graduate of the Electrical Engineering program at the University of California at Riverside, he is an integral part of GroundWork’s production facility in Panorama City. Abel ensures that each of our equipment packages is designed, built and tested prior to leaving the facility. He also provides support to all field teams, and makes daily operations run smoothly throughout the entire company, particularly in decisions related to lunch and dinner plans.

In his free time, Abel enjoys participating in Habitat for Humanity and attending live music of any and all genres. He is wealth of knowledge when it comes to fine dining establishments, and is known as the resident Foodie of the team.

Andre Happersberger, Quality Assurance Manager

Andre is a key member of our Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) team, functionally testing MET station electrical instruments, controls, and subassemblies before they leave the shop for deployment. He also steps in when demand requires in the build, and is an able hand in the field when skilled technical assistance is required.

Before joining the GroundWork team, Andre worked for an interpreting service company doing Quality Assurance on employees. He later moved on into the HVAC trade where he work on residential and commercial building. This experience proved to be great preparation for his work with GroundWork in QA.

Andre resides in beautiful Van Nuys, California. He enjoys getting together with friends, playing poker, and having drinks.

Jad Husayni, Project Manager

Jad joined GroundWork as a Project Manager after working for two plus years in the residential solar industry, where he developed his skills in solar project and account management. With a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Science from the University of Kentucky, he is excited to work for a company that employs science-based solutions to advance the renewable energy movement. What Jad enjoys most about his position at GroundWork is getting to partake in each step of a project’s lifecycle and working collaboratively to bring projects to fruition. Occasionally, in addition to his PM responsibilities, Jad is also in charge of announcing when it’s time to order lunch for the office.

Based out of Salt Lake City, on the weekends you can find him hiking, biking, or skiing in the beautiful Wasatch mountains. To relax, Jad loves to read American classics, walk his old black Lab, Boulder, and play board games like The Settlers of Catan.

Crystal Lee, Field Technician

Crystal brings to groundwork over 15 years of experience in technology related fields. She has extensive project management, manufacturing and logistics experience which gives her much to pull from as part of the GroundWork Field Team.
Crystal holds a Master’s Degree from Carnegie Mellon University and sailed 6 years around the world as an officer onboard luxury cruise ships.
Before joining Groundwork she took a break from the “real world” to achieve a dream, spending 3 seasons as a professional mascot for the National Hockey League.
She is an avid SCUBA Diver and is passionate about reducing the harm done to our oceans. In her free time Crystal enjoys theater, bowling, and camping.

Sandy Moore, Software Developer

Sandy Moore works with the software team. She holds a BA in Computer Science and brings a well-rounded background in computer programming, IT, weather science and body movement.??Sandy especially enjoys learning new programming languages and doing whatever it takes to help the team succeed. And, frankly, Sandy is insatiably curious about almost everything. It’s a big planet, and there’s so much to discover!

When she’s not busy making big discoveries she can be found climbing rocks, making turns in the backcountry, reading, or hanging out in her solar-powered cabin with her husband, David.

Josh Peterson, Data Scientist

Josh has been with GroundWork since 2019. He has worked on various projects since joining the software team, including data quality control, soiling data processing, albedo data processing, and IV curve tracer analysis.
Josh received his PhD in physics studying nuclear fusion. Disillusioned by challenges associated with fusion, he changed fields to solar monitoring. Josh enjoys counting photons every day the sun rises. Josh lives in Oregon with his family, where he loves getting outside.

Amy Phelan, Project Manager

Amy brings to Groundwork her passion for working closely with customers to create an experience for them that is seamless from start to finish. Prior to joining the GroundWork team, Amy?developed and implemented strategies to redeploy residential solar panels in Tesla’s energy division. She started her career working as an environmental consultant, managing the remediation of hazardous waste disposal sites and performing human health and ecological risk assessments. Amy holds a master’s degree in Applied Science-Environmental Assessment from American University and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Connecticut College.

In addition to her interest in the environment and sustainability, Amy loves supporting her local community. She serves on the board of The Sharing Place, a non-profit organization that provides support and outreach services to grieving children and their families. She is a long-standing member of the Junior League of Salt Lake City, an organization committed to promoting volunteerism and developing the potential of women. Amy resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with?her husband Mark. She enjoys the outdoors, reading and ? as a native New Englander ? cheering for the Patriots and Red Sox.

Jessica Price, Project Manager

Creating order out of chaos is what gets Jessica Price out of bed in the morning. That and a strong cup of coffee. As a Project Manager, she enjoys collaborating with stakeholders across each project lifecycle to facilitate the successful construction of utility-scale solar sites.

Jessica earned Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Utah in Environmental Studies and Communication. She was a Project Manager in high-end residential construction for 8-years before moving to New Zealand for 2-years, where she lived in a van down by many rivers.

Now, Jessica is grateful for the opportunity to combine her passion for sustainability with her extensive construction experience to expand renewable energy production. Jessica is a member of GroundWork’s ESG Working Group and a founding member of the Salt Lake City crew’s kickball team, Great Balls of Fire.

A Utah native, she is often found in the mountains with her partner and their daughter, cuddling her two rescue pups, or planning their next trip – preferably somewhere requiring a passport.   

Mario Siu, QA/QC Technician

Mario works at GroundWork Renewable Panorama City shop as a tech, building control enclosures, and mechanical sub-assemblies. He also performs sensor validations a crucial step in the GroundWork QA/QC program.

Mario served in the US Army for 5 years and continues to serve in the Army reserves as an Armor Crewman and Large Group Instructor.

He has a certificate of Manufacturing and Associates Degree from?Los Angeles Valley College. Before joining GroundWork, Mario owned his own trucking company moving dry goods for companies like Fed Ex Custom Critical and furniture for Living Space, Ashley’s Furniture, and Macy’s.

He enjoys living Los Angeles with his family taking advantage of everything it has to offer. He loves to build furniture, often using found-objects and reclaimed pallets.

Chloe Travis, Engineer

Chloe heads the engineering documentation effort at GroundWork. She creates mechanical, structural, and electrical drawings, as well as working with the Project Engineering Group to support design initiatives.

Chloe joined the GroundWork team in early 2018 after earning her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Davis. She has always been passionate about sustainability and innovation, making GroundWork a perfect fit.

Chloe grew up in Los Angeles, where she currently resides. She enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and binge-watching Netflix with her dog.