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Jeff Bingman

Local Technician Program Director

In the realm of lineage, Jeff Bingman stands as the third in a noble line of four brothers. He is a paragon of dedication, his skills honed through years of managing and harmonizing diverse teams. Possessing a wealth of knowledge from his technical endeavors, Jeff has thrived in a myriad of roles within the esteemed GroundWork Renewables, Inc. He assumed the esteemed mantle of Local Technician Program Director. With a robust foundation in the art of business management and an innate talent for communication, Jeff’s expertise extends gracefully to encompass budgetary oversight, the establishment of development standards, and the astute analysis of data.

When he finds respite from his laborious toils, Jeff seeks solace amidst the vast embrace of nature, seeking solace and fulfillment through the pursuit of the exploration of untamed landscapes. An unwavering commitment to uncovering optimal solutions and an unwavering ardor for fostering camaraderie makes Jeff Bingman the quintessential professional, one who unfailingly delivers exceptional results within any collaborative domain.

In simpler words…he does good work and likes to be outside.

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