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Melanie Ballard

Business Development Assistant

Melanie joined the GroundWork team as Commissioning Coordinator in 2013, following the installation of GroundWork MET systems to completion. She has also worked with GroundWork’s project management team where she enjoyed developing client relationships while supporting their projects. She is currently working to support GroundWork’s business development team. She holds a BS in Plant Science and a MS in Environmental Soil Science, from Utah State University. Following graduate school, Melanie spent several years surveying the backcountry of several parks of the Northern Colorado Plateau for rare, endemic, and invasive plant species. She developed expertise with MET instrumentation and datalogger programming through her work at Campbell Scientific’s soils laboratory.

Melanie lives and works in Logan, Utah, where she spends her time adventuring in wild places with her two teenage boys. She’s grateful they’re willing, and for the most part, share her enthusiasm. Melanie enjoys being involved in her community and plays fiddle with a local bluegrass band.

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