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Mike Dooraghi

Field Director

Michael Dooraghi works with the commissioning team and is always ready to throw himself at whatever challenge may arise. After completing his bachelors in math and computer science and a Masters in Industrial Technology with a focus on Appropriate Technologies, Mike spent 5 years working in wind resource assessment for GEC-DNV and 10 years in solar resource assessment at NREL. Mike worked on many aspects of the solar and wind monitoring process from installation, commissioning, and data analysis to sensor calibration and installation and maintenances best practices. He has installed many wind and solar resource monitoring stations and has provided training to install, operate and maintain solar monitoring stations and networks in the US, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

When he is not monitoring clean energy resources, Mike likes to spend his time mountain biking, snowboarding, climbing, soaking in hot springs, hiking, cooking, taking photographs and chilling with his sweet wife and pets. Mike is currently preparing to build a house and is happy to accept help if anyone wants to pop by and slam some nails in.

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